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You can always help us fight poverty by applying for a volunteer placement with Social Tours!

Social Tours offers You a volunteering prospect that is valuable yet affordable, that you will treasure for the rest of your life! You are met at your arrival and provided assistance throughout your stay. Please check ‘how to get here’ in order to find out the easiest and fastest way to Targu-Mures. Feel free to contact us for further information.


If you choose to be a Volunteer in Romania
What will you do here?


The main domain is Social Awareness. You can apply for one of the following three projects: “Kiwi” House of joy; April and Philip and Rhema HIV Foundation.

After choosing to work at one of our partner NGOs, you will come to Targu Mures and work with them for 3 weeks. You will have the chance to meet a lot of new people, mostly helping the kids, and you will see the change that you bring in their lives.

The 3 weeks spent in Transylvania will look mainly as it follows. We will wait for you at the arrival. The first days of your stay you will get to know better the people you will work with. During the first week you will have the chance to gain some knowledge in the Romanian language. The second weekend, Transylvanian Dreams Tourism Agency will offer you an unforgettable tour around the most beautiful places in Transylvania, get to know more about the Transylvanian history and traditions. The last week we will have the final meetings and you will wish to have more time spent here!


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See below what Sanna has to say about her volunteering experience with Social Tours.

Volunteering in Transylvania has been a life-reversal experience.

Prior to my arrival to Romania, I had no direct expectations of what I would come to meet. As I love children, the Social Tours team made the necessary arrangements for me to work as a volunteer at Casa Kiwi, a small orphanage located in the center of TarguMures, Romania. The information I received from the Social TOURS staff felt ensuring before departure and they picked me up at the airport in Cluj-Napoca.

The first few days I discovered Targu-Mures and other places in Transylvania together with the employees of Transylvanian Dreams. Looking back I realize how important this was for me in order to understand how and why today’s Romania looks like it does today. Even though the larger cities have similar standards with the Swedish cities- with restaurants and café shops that will not leave anyone disappointed- rural poverty however is palpable. I recommend everyone I know to visit Transylvania sometime in life – the open, fertile, green landscape is amazing.

At Casa Kiwi I was welcomed by everyone with open arms. The children, between 3-15 years of age were as curious and eager to meet me as I was to meet them.My role was to stimulate the children (in consultation with the children’s wishes) through play. We played cards, did puzzles, walked to the park, kicking football, tossing and of course giving and receiving lots of closeness! With the older children the communication was mostly in English and we also used Google translate at times. With the little children I found alternative ways to communicate, facial expressions and body language and I also received from them basic knowledge in Romanian.

Monica, from Transylvanian Dreams, is teaching groups (mainly medical students who intend to work in Sweden) in Swedish. She helped me to learn common phrases that came out to be very useful in the everyday meetings with people, for example in shops, restaurants, etc. I felt extremely pampered by the staff at the Transylvanian Dreams, they were never more than a phone call away. They showed me a side of Romania you’d hardly be able to experience if you were not introduced to it by people with real knowledge about the country. Everything from places to the cuisine but not least, meeting people. I have made friends for life!

Romania will forever keep a place in my heart. I went there with a desire to help but I was helped myself. I was taught that hospitality and curiosity can broaden perspectives. I now understand that all people possess knowledge and skills that are useful for those of us that wish to take the global community forward towards a brighter future.

Sanna, Sweden