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Jacodu Children’s Project

The Jacodu Children’s Project was launched in September 2010 and currently supports 52 children from a poor family’s community that live a feral lifestyle. The aims of the project is to educate the children, to give them life opportunities that their parents have not had and stop cycles of poverty in future generations.

To do this the project aims to re-build their homes and re-build their lives, giving the families basic rights such as toilets, electricity, dry and warm homes. The approach is to understand their feral way of life and to treat them with respect without judgement, therefore understand why there are communities of feral families living without basic rights and hope.

The Jacodu Children’s Project has a long term vision, by protecting and nurturing the children of today from that feral community, we can ensure that their children will not live the same helpless lifestyle. The aim of the project has a long term goal reaching future generations. What the project means is that a feral community of poor families are empowered and extreme poverty will be eradicated in the next generation. The Jacodu Children’s Project is an example of how the potential in children can lift their community from squalor and hopelessness.